Introducing The Invader Series line in our Graphite Tools portfolio. These tools are made with a patented* cutting geometry that has short and stable flutes that allow you to cut cleaner and quicker in the process of making graphite electrodes.
As with all of our Graphite Tools, they are coated with our FLATCOAT® DIA coating, a multi-layer diamond coating that lasts far longer than a standard diamond coating. This is because it is made with alternating layers of micro and nano diamond crystals that stop damage to the coating at the next layer, rather than breaking all the way down to the carbide when you have long singular crystals.
Finally, all tools in The Invader Series include a measuring protocol, meaning that they are measured at the end of production down to one micron. You can't get more accurate...
(By the way, we know stabler isn't a word...but 'more stable' would ruin the reference)
*EP 2 540 427 B1*, DE 10 2019 122 039 B3


The Invader Series is about short and stable flute design, and a deep groove structure that allows for large volumes of material removal. Part of the series also includes a 2-in-1 function with a flute design that has a slightly larger part of the flutes that can be used for finishing, with the rest of the tool being long roughing flutes.
It's about working faster, working more accurately, and working flexibly.


We've been filming a lot of milling examples which we will be sharing shortly. While we're cutting this all together, enjoy the background a sneak preview, and come back later to find out what sort of cool stuff we've made.
parallax background


Seeing is believing. Order now and see how the Invader Series can step up your graphite game...there's even a fancy sample box with 20% off for testing.