N.T. Non-ferrous Tools


This is the most complex tool line that we have in our portfolio, as it ranges from your standard uncoated tools for milling non-ferrous materials to the Predator Series with a coating technology not yet seen on your planet.
As with all of our tools, you can expect the unique geometries designed for easy cutting and extended lifetime.
Soon, this program will include the Predator Series: a tool line with award-winning technology for the innovation in it's coating...and lifetimes that you wouldn't believe if we told you.
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COMING SOON: The Predator Line

Our mad scientists have been working on a new coating technology not yet seen on the planet...and they've creating something truly futuristic.
It's a FlatCoat® DIA multi-layer diamond coating processed with lasers, transforming it into a new type of coating that Earthlings haven't ever seen before: the already award-winning FlatCoat® LZR coating.
The result is a super-sharp, super-strong coating that can increase the life of your tools to unprecedented levels. That's all we can say about it right now, except that it's fantastic and you should stay tuned for more information...


We are introducing a world first.... a brand-new coating that has never been seen before on this planet.
This innovation award winning coating is the next generation of FlatCoat DIA coating that takes sharpness and durability to the next level thanks to laser sharpening on both sides of the cutting edge.
How much longer do tools last with this technology...if we told you, you wouldn't believe us....
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No Coating, optional FLATCOAT® ALU Coating, or FLATCOAT® LZR Coating (Predator Series)

0.2mm - 12mm

Ball-Nosed, Toric

0.3mm - 18.0mm

1.5mm - 30mm

4mm - 12mm

50mm - 80mm


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