1How long do your tools last?

We get this question often (of course) but we find it to be dishonest from a tool manufacturer that the burs last X amount of hours, meters, units, or however you measure your burs' lifetimes. There are simply too many factors that affect the life of a bur, including machine, milling strategy, material milled, etc.

What we can say is that our production takes every step to make tools that last as long as possible; and for a very aggressive price at our quality level.

If you want an estimate of how long they last you can call us, explain your setup, and we'll give you some examples from customers with similar setups.

2Is there a way to get better pricing?

Actually yes! We have launched a loyalty program called the Alien Loyalty Federation (A.L.F.) which allows you to earn coupons for purchasing and reduced prices after a certain amount of points have been racked up.

The best thing about this program is that there are many ways to earn points; not just by buying tools. It's designed to reward our closest partners who help us spread the word of #MillMoreUnits. In addition to coupons and better pricing there's other cool stuff you can win as well.

To learn more click here.

3Do you offer samples?

We strongly believe that you should not blindly believe in a sales pitch, but try it out for yourself before deciding. This is why, for every material and machine, we have a sample box for 30% discount. Each box includes 3 burs in different cutting diameters, and each customer can purchase one box per machine type for each material.

To see the different sample boxes in the shop, simply select the Milling Material Filter Z.T. (zirconia tools), P.T. (PEEK/PMMA tools), or C.T. (CoCr tools), and then the Sample Box filter to 'Yes'.

4Where can I get technical help?

Our team consists not only of a production team that has been making tools for over 50 years, but also a technical team in collaboration with Zecha that could tell you far more than you need to know about the tools.

In case of problems or technical questions, etc., we have integrated a ticket system for technical support directly on our contact page. Here you can provide information about your setup, describe your question or problem, and even upload photos. A ticket will then be automatically opened for you and assigned to one of our experienced technicians.

Pretty cool (we think). To open a support ticket click here.

5Which countries do you sell to?

We are able to export all over the world. We do have exclusive distribution partners in some countries, so if you are viewing tools in the online shop and do not see prices or the ability to purchase, then this means you will have to purchase from the distributor.

If this is the case please contact us and we will let you know who the contact person is.

6What payment options do you have?

We are always adding new payment methods to the shop in order to make the process of getting tools from us as easy as possible. Here are the current options:

Visa, Mastercard, Amex
Wire Transfer
Purchase on Account (Only in Germany with existing customers)
Sepa Direct Debit (EU)
Sofort (DE, AT)
Giropay (DE)
Bancontact (BE)
iDeal (NL)
Przelewy24 / P24 (PL)
Multibanco (PT)
Alipay (CN)

7How much does shipping cost?

To find out exactly how much shipping would cost you can simply put an item in your cart, go to the checkout screen, and input your country, postal code, and city and your shipping options and their respective costs will automatically be displayed.

Note: you do not need to complete checkout in order for this to work.

Note that we have also released a Free Shipping Program. For more info on this please visit the FSP page.

Note: you do not need to complete checkout in order for this to work.

8How long does shipping take?

We offer several shipping options that have different estimated delivery lengths.

FedEx alone offers several options and shows the estimated delivery date in the checkout screen next to the prices. For the cheaper UPS Standard or Deutsche Post options it varies depending on Country.

For a full list of conditions and estimated delivery dates please click here and click on 'Shipping Information'.

9Are aliens real?

Yup...and they're awesome


1How do I find the tools that fit my machine?

This section used to take up a majority of of FAQ's, so we decided to make a handy Shop How-To guide which should answer any possible questions you could have.

This guide can be downloaded here

2What if my machine is not listed?

If you don't see your machine please give us a call and we'll figure out if one of our current tools will work for you, or if it is a machine that we will soon be having tools for.

3What if the tool I am looking for is not listed?

We are constantly expanding our portfolio to include new machines, new geometries and new materials. If you have a request let us know, or contact us to find out if it is something that we are currently working on already.

4Is there a way to save the tools I normally order on a list for faster ordering?

Great question, and the answer is yes.

How to do this is shown in the 'Shopping Lists' section of the Shop How-To Guide.

5I've placed an order, now what?

You will receive an email confirmation that we received your order, and if you have already paid then it will be automatically in the Processing Status. If you have chosen 'Pay by Wire' then the order will not be marked Processing until the funds have arrived in our account.

Once the order is complete, then you will receive another email stating that the order is ready for shipping. Attached to this message will also be a PDF copy of the invoice that will include the tracking number for the package.

You can check the status of an order any time by logging into 'My Account' and then going to 'My Orders' where you will see the status, and if it has shipped a 'Track' button to track your package.

6Where can I view my invoices?

You can see all orders under the 'My Account section of the shop.

Simply log into the shop, go to 'My Account' and all your previous orders will be shown along with a button to view and download any previous invoices.

7Where can I change my contact information?

You can change your account information any time as well in the 'My Account' Section.

If you log into the shop, click on 'My Account', then on either 'Edit Address' or 'Edit Account' where you can change names, email addresses, and passwords.


1Where do I sign up?

A brief introduction to the A.L.F. Loyalty program can be found here.

Here you will also see a sign-up form in the case that you want to participate. After submitting the form you will receive an email asking you to confirm your email and enrollment, and only after confirmation will your account be eligible to start earning A.L.F. points

2How can you earn points?

There are a bunch of ways to earn points...not just by purchasing. This way not only big customers have a way to unlock better pricing. Finally, a system to make the world fair.

To find out how to earn points, and everything you need to know about the program, we made a cool How-To Guide found here

3How do I check how many points I have?

Once you are enrolled in the A.L.F. Program you will see additional tabs in the 'My Account' section of the website:

- My A.L.F. Program
Here you can see an overview of which coupons you currently have, how many points you have, recent history, and how to earn points or achieve different levels. (note: the A.L.F. is split into two different systems: ALF Combined current points where the points are used to purchase coupons automatically, and ALF Combined Lifetime Points where the points are not used but rather added up to unlock levels based on total points earned.

- My A.L.F. Badges
Here you can see which badges you have unlocked (a reward for reaching a new level)

4How can I refer a friend?

The biggest point-earner in the A.L.F. Program is the 'Refer a Friend' function.

When you are enrolled in the program, you will see an additional tab called 'Refer a Friend.' In the tab you will see an explanation of how it works, and all you have to do is put in the address of a new customer you think would benefit from using AlienTools.

When you hit submit we will send them a one-time email explaining that you want them to try our tools out, and it will include a unique coupon code for 5% off their first test order. Due to GDPR regulations we do not save any email addresses sent with this form, so the fact that they use this code is critical as it is how we know that the referral came from you and that you are to get the points when they purchase.

The email looks like this:

5How do I use the A.L.F. Virtual Wallet for purchasing?

When you have earned enough points, these will be automatically converted into credits in your A.L.F. Virtual Wallet that you can use in the shop.

In the cart section of the shop, you will see the A.L.F. Virtual Wallet below the items in your cart, where you can choose how much of your wallet funds should be applied to the transaction. Simply fill out your amount, hit "Apply" and you will see the adjusted order total on the right-hand side.

6I've reached a level where I get special pricing, do I need a coupon?

When you reach a new level you only need to congratulate yourself for being awesome. You don't need to do anything, and automatically the next time you log into the shop you will see better prices.

Fear not, you will continue to earn points for purchases that are used for unlocking coupons just as before.