A.L.F. Program


Since our launch in 2018 we have seen incredible growth across the globe, selling in over 50 countries by the end of 2019. This is because of one thing...our friends who have spread the word of #MillMoreUnits to their network.
For this we want to say thank you, and the A.L.F. program is the best way we could think of. It’s not simply a program where you get points for purchasing, but for everything that you do to help promote the brand. From sharing posts on social media to referring new friends, there are a ton of ways to earn points.
What do the points get you? First, for every thousand points we will award you 10 EUR in your virtual wallet to use in the shop. Secondly we will keep track of all the points you have earned along the way, and as you hit certain totals you will unlock special prizes as well as better pricing in the shop.
As we have always said: we come in peace. Thank you Earthlings!

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